Amy's Story

imageAmy is 12 years old and loves horseback riding. Amy started riding when she was 6 years old. She actually started riding in a Therapeutic Riding program. Amy was born with a rare genetic disorder called Apert Syndrome which is similar to Auggie in the book Wonder. When she was born, her head, hands and feet were different. She has had fifteen surgeries but this has not stopped her from riding. When she started, it was just to build up core strength and her leg muscles. She did Therapeutic riding for about a year till the program closed. Well, she was already hooked.

We jumped around to a few barns, but never felt comfortable with the trainers because of Amy’s limited abilities at the time. Amy’s fingers were fused together when she was born and she had to have multiple surgeries to separate them. But they still don’t have bending knuckle joints. So we were cautions of letting her out on her own because of her ability to grip the reins tightly. Then we found Lisa Mullen. She has taught Amy how to control her horse and feel comfortable and in control when riding. Lisa had special reins made for her with loops to give her the ability to grip and control her horse better. Another amazing thing about Lisa is that she never treated Amy any different than any of her other students, but always kept in mind Amy’s limitations. She has brought Amy up to the same level as the rest of the riders in her age group. Amy can walk and trot and will soon be learning to canter.

We recently adopted our own horse Apollo who we just love! Apollo was saved by Grumpy Horse Ranch in Joplin MO. They saved him from a kill pen and Lisa found him and thought he was the perfect fit for Amy. We keep him at Destiny Unlimited and he is so happy there with his new friends.

Amy has made some amazing friends at the barn and really enjoys taking care of her horse. Amy has competed in multiple horse shows in the Kansas City Area and she loves every minute of it!


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