Kaylee's Story

imageKaylee is 12 years old and loves everything horses. She has been taking horseback riding lessons with Lisa for 4 years. She started riding a few months prior to having major leg surgery in 2014. Kaylee has some development delays and physical issues due to an injury as an infant and we had been having a hard time finding an activity that would work well for her and she was getting frustrated hearing about all the things her peers were doing that she could not. After the first lesson, she was hooked on horses and it became her passion. I know it is because of the way Lisa has treated her and expected the same things from her as she did from everyone else.

Kaylee has fine motor skill issues and anything requiring her to write, tie, buckle, or zip has always been a challenge. From the very start Lisa was determined to get her buckling her saddle and was able to push her in a very encouraging way that made Kaylee “want” to do it. Kaylee thrives in her time with Lisa and is very determined to show her she can do what she is supposed to do and more. She wants to be in a horse show and has the confidence to know she can if she works hard. I also love that Lisa doesn’t just teach her how to ride but how to take care of the horse and get them ready to ride. Seeing her so happy and riding along with everyone else is just the most amazing feeling. Her confidence and self esteem has grown so much and she is just so proud of herself and what she is doing. She also has something to share with her peers and teachers and doesn’t have to sit on the sidelines hearing about what everyone else is doing. We recently adopted a horse for Kaylee from Grumpy Horse Rescue so she can continue with her passion and she is just over the moon about her new love “Carrot”.

Kaylee was featured in the online magazine "Parenting Children with Special Needs", check it out! https://pcwsn.com/kaylee-carrot/


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